2022 All New Kindle

The 2022 All New Kindle Launch introduces exciting new features, including enhanced portability, a high-resolution display, doubled storage, USB-C charging, and extended battery life. 
Goal: Introduce “My first Kindle”, a best-in-class, entry-level e-reader crafted to facilitate the beginning of the audience's reading adventure
Audience: Customers who prioritize value and are new to the e-reading realm, looking for essential features and functionality

Creative direction: Portray the user's holistic and personal reading journey through the use of authentic, empowering, and optimistic visual representations
My role: Visual Designer


Lifestyle approach: Introducing a glare-free display and dark mode, allowing readers to comfortably read in any environment.
Device forward approach: Showing customers a close-up view of the screen with the upgraded display.
Device forward approach: UI screen showcasing the extensive library of books, with the Kindle easily fitting in one hand, demonstrating the compact design of the device.
Lifestyle approach: Showcasing the Kindle in an outdoor camping environment highlights the device's extensive battery life.

UX/Visual Design

Design by Youmin
Seattle, Washington
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